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About Us

Hudson Valley Cold Pressed Oils is a family owned and operated company in the Hudson Valley, New York area. We grow and produce cold pressed sunflower oil on our farm. All of our materials used for the production of our oil are either grown on site or within 30 miles of our facility. Our company has found a perfect ecological circle where as in all byproduct of oil production is used as a high protein source for live stock on neighboring farms. We use a “cold press” process to extract our oil. By cold pressing our oil, we preserve integrity and health benefits of the oil.

We also use our Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil to make sugar scrubs. Our scrubs are all natural using only oil, sugar cane and essential oils or extracts. Combining the sugars exfoliating powers with our high level of vitamin E sunflower oil, leaves your skin with a soft, healthy glow.